A tale for the risk averse? Please help!!

Decisions, decisions, decisions – life’s full of decisions – do Harold’s subsequent experiences once he decides to walk affirm his original decision? Do we look for affirmations when we’ve made a decision to get a confirmation that we did the right thing? Is there something inherently cautious in our psyches that troubles us and therefore makes us settle for inaction rather than action? Please help!!



A Book of Two Halves

Whilst I enjoyed the book I found that after a very good beginning it hurtled towards the end as if the writer had realised it would take forever to finish it at the pace she began.  I rather suspected the denouement and must admit the story played unashamedly with my emotions. Another book in a similar vein but perhaps rather better written in my view is The Adventures of Goodnight and Loving by Leslie Thomas – well worth a read. Charlotte.