Compublog – what about her style?

Here’s my compublog for the writing of M Atwood.

Irritating, or often irritating, mostly irritating, use of punctuation, too many stops. I’m not sure, if I was writing, something that is forbidden by the Angels, I would, possibly, prefer not to hesitate quite so much, in fact, it might be a relief to put a string of words together, did I say string? without the constant use of the comma, or full stop. What about the constant qualification – did I say qualification, we used to have qualifications at school, we used to have school, in happier drays, when books could, and should be, written in a way that doesn’t need constant qualification of the subject; let’s not forget the unremitting use of comma, after comma, after comma, I remember a comma once, did i remember it, or was I told it. As you can see, seeing is only permitted, I think, sometimes think, by Angels, I’m going bonkers with Atwood.
Far too nebulous for me.




Ah yes well it would leave you up in the air now wouldn’t it. I hope they all escaped to a better life!!!! Anything would be better than that Big Brother restriction although we move ever forward towards that end methinks. Or is it a regression ??? Charlotte (sorry forgot to sign)

Depressing start

Am about half way through The Handmaid’s Tale and oh that choking and constricting feeling is back…. Will we ever break free? I had to take myself round Dartmoor and to the pub to wash the depression away! Charlotte