Pinkie and Ida

I have thoroughly enjoyed the tussle between these 2 characters who seem to have parallel existences in the plot. I don’t think they ever really know much about each other – and considering how important they are to each other this seems odd.

Pinkie’s spiral has elements of black humour in it – and I was tickled by the way he kept speculating about the ‘massacre’ he would need to keep his original murder quiet – if it was a murder… He just seems to keep digging does poor old Pinkie – while his nemesis Mr Colleoni seems to float along quite at ease, I half expected a showdown between them, but the innocence of Pinkie’s character prevents him ever being able to conduct himself as a real – self-actualised mobster after Kite’s demise.

I visualized Ida as a kind of Pam Ferris character. Her dogged nature and apparent fearlessness seem reminiscent of many of Pam’s characters. Her relationship with Phil Corkery was odd. What sort of a man was he? I guess he was just someone to boss around. He seemed a weak link in the characters, unless I’ve missed something. She seemed an innocent sort as well. 

I felt that there were a lot of innocents in this story, despite all of the violence and cruelty, even the baffled policeman at the end – who was described as a ‘stranger at a party’; but still a good aim with a truncheon, thankfully.



Gill’s missing post

Hi, have started the Yacoubian Building and found the range of characters a bit disconcerting….had to keep referring to the list at the front. Very considerate of the author to supply this! I,ve now got to page 83 and am enjoying it. The culture is well observed, disturbing, but comical,and it is not surprising that the book caused consternation in the Arab world.It portrays a hierarchical society where woman are subjugated,but learn to play the game to keep their jobs.
I do find it sad but hilarious at the same time. Love the volatile relationship between Zaki Bey and his sister. Zaki is my favourite character”…love the paragraph on p63 when he had removed his false teeth to kiss the Beloved! Then she robbed him!
Looking forward to the rest of the book.