The Light Between Oceans

As I am asked to expand my comment of ‘Light Between’, I can only repeat my bleak emotional feeling about the story. It is regarding the writing as well as the content. The writing is without a metaphoric aspect, appearently not intended. It’s just as Bennett’s writing was a plethora of meanings. And the content: you can only hope for an eternal life with rewarding justice; and I don’t believe in it. Therefore, the story made a deeply depressing impression on me.


3 thoughts on “The Light Between Oceans

  1. Thanks for the clarification Franz

    What did you think of Tom Sherbourne’s character? Was he fully developed? Did you believe in him?
    What about the setting, was there any metaphor in that – lighthouses, Australia?


    • I have now finished the book but don,t feel that I have that much to add to my last comments….just a nice bittersweet story, quite entertaining.

      In answer to Jon,s question…Yes, the lighthouse can be seen as a symbol in many ways. A beacon of hope shining above the darkness of their tragedy or in a religious sense, feeling nearer to God as in church steeples reaching up to the heavens.

      As I mentioned before, I did quite like the character of Tom and thought him quite rounded….less so, Isabel.


      PS…note the lack of commas, Jon!

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