Posting as you read along

Hi everyone – it’s sometimes helpful to blog as you read along this helps to track how views may change over the whole story.


One thought on “Posting as you read along

  1. I am well on with Light between Oceans and am enjoying it more than i thought. It is.. “what it says on the tin!”…a Summer read which is easy and doesn,t require much effort. Very different to some of our recent reads!
    The plot does stretch the imagination, somewhat, but is quite entertaining. I do like the character of Tom and his struggles with his conscience…he has a strong sense of right and wrong which becomes blurred by his emotions and love for Isabel. Does living in isolation affect your judgement? Would they have acted differently if leading a more integrated life?

    The novel does give us an insight into the lonely lives of Light keepers…. It is strange how such an isolated job created such dedication and a bond with other Light keepers…for most it seemed to be a job for life! Unless they went bonkers with the loneliness!


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