Loving Bennett

Loving Bennet at the moment. The first story: The Laying on of Hands, is so minutely observed. It’s feels like an essay on human nature. His voice is of light touch parody always works well in the setting he chooses. Fave bits so far include: The plump priest with ‘Romish inclinations’ whose frame caused his cloak to ‘swish’ – which people in the slum parish didn’t seem to mind.

What do you guys think?


One thought on “Loving Bennett

  1. It is “Yonks” since i read any Alan Bennett and had forgotten what a master he is! He is a wonderful observer of situations and human foibles and has an irreverent sense of the ridiculous. He switches the reader, effortlessly, from comedy to tragedy, and gets to truths that we don,t acknowledge or admit to. In the first story, “The Layer of Hands”, see page 55, “Some wept…..”.

    In the second story…”The clothes they stood up in” is such a bizarre, unrealistic plot but Bennett gets away with it and gets his message over! I don,t know any other author who could do this! In the third story, i particularly like the description of Parent,s Day, both from the parent,s point of view and the teacher,s!

    Even though I,m not, normally, a short story fan, I really enjoyed the book….Bennett,s work really lends itself to “snapshots”. Maybe you have to be Northern to appreciate it! What does anyone else think?


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