Background To The Book…

The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman is told in an absorbing style, itself reminiscent of the narration of fairy tales or medieval tales of adventure. The story is infused throughout not only with subtle elements of feminism, but also with motifs of identity and more psychological issues of drawing the line between hidden desires and the limited potential of reality. On the whole, it is a suspenseful and challenging read, which is bound to keep the reader hooked for hours on end. Very much sociological, psychological and philosophical, as well as literary, this novel can make an exciting read, no matter which topics you are essentially interested in.

Jon – words not my own.

3 thoughts on “Background To The Book…

  1. What can I say about Dr Hoffman!…another challenging read! I found it very weird, like a pornographic Grimms fairytale! It is definitely a post sixties shocker, it would have been fairly unacceptable any earlier for the general reading public.It is very pertinent to the climate in the seventies.She is a very clever writer, but I found her extravagent use of language distracting…I had to keep rereading pages and I, eventually, gave up looking up words that I didn,t understand! There is almost too much in this novel…too many messages. I haven,t ploughed to the end yet. I would have to reread it a few times to follow all the threads, but couldn,t stand to…. too much like hard work! What does anyone else think?

    • Hi Gill – I can see how you think there are too many messages in the narrative. I just finished chapter 3 – I don’t find rereading an issue as I’ve made up my mind that the ‘bad trip’ narrative voice meanders around, a little like ‘Catch 22’ so I just take it at face value rather than try to ascribe too much meaning to its parts. Does that make sense?


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