Background To The Book…

The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman is told in an absorbing style, itself reminiscent of the narration of fairy tales or medieval tales of adventure. The story is infused throughout not only with subtle elements of feminism, but also with motifs of identity and more psychological issues of drawing the line between hidden desires and the limited potential of reality. On the whole, it is a suspenseful and challenging read, which is bound to keep the reader hooked for hours on end. Very much sociological, psychological and philosophical, as well as literary, this novel can make an exciting read, no matter which topics you are essentially interested in.

Jon – words not my own.


BBC Third Ear.

Please check out the video of Angela’s interview in 1991 – shortly before she died. It’s on the BBC archive called ‘Third Ear’. It make help us get a perspective.


Black Orchid a miss…

Thanks for your comments on Black Orchid – we persevered – it was an easy read but I think the consensus was that it was an opportunity missed by Slovo to give us a gritty, more illuminating narrative, when you consider her life experiences, ( thanks to Franz for the biographical background)