LOL moments

There are a lot of jokes in the book so far – some are so quick they’re easy to miss. My favourite is the Dunbar joke pg9 ‘Dunbar was working so hard on extending his lifespan that Yossarian though he was dead.’ – ‘The Texan wanted everybody in the ward to be happy but Yossarian and Dunbar. He was really very sick.’ The dead man who according to Sergeant Towser, ‘doesn’t exist’ on page 25. Yossarian will be thwarted at every turn, I’m guessing.



4 thoughts on “LOL moments

  1. Up to date this book is hilarious and baffling with its nonsensical dialogue and language. Man jokes and chat at its best! Pg 73 The bed sheet and fruit conversation with Milo had me choking on my laughter! But beneath all this you can definitely grasp Hellers distaste for institutional petty rules set in motion by conflict. However amongst this madness is a chink of something and I’m not sure if its sanity… in the character of Yossarian.

    Hellers disparaging descriptions of his characters, render them dislikeable caricatures with disparate relationships that just seem to annoy and bring out the worst in each other each other. I am reading on if I can stop laughing. Favourite character to date is Doc Daneeka!!!

    • I have to admit defeat re. Catch 22. I managed the first 100 pages, but after about the tenth character study of the weirdos in the barmy army, I gave in!. It is the first book group read that I have failed to finish…maybe it,s the heat or the fact that I,ve been away, but no excuses, I just found it a drag!
      I can admire the journalistic style and he does achieve what he intends to do…ridicules war and institutional living in an ironical, comical but sad way.There are some clever, thought provoking passages, as on p44..”You,re inches away from death everytime you go on a mission. How much older can you be at your age” etc. On p52, from Doc Daneeka on being crazy, which Yossarian sees in “All it,s spinning reasonableness”. I,m sure there are many more during the rest of the book but don,t feel that I can wade through it to get to them!
      I won,t be able to make it to the next meeting but hope that you have a lively discussion on Mr Heller.


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