It might help… (Catch-22)

Can I make the following suggestions before you start reading Catch-22… familiarize yourself with Allen Ginsberg’s poem ‘Howl’ which we can add into the discussion. This will set you up for what Howard Jacobson describes as the ‘formlessness’ of Heller – which is a bit of a 60s thing. Walt Whitman wrote ‘the sound of belch’d words of my voice loos’d to the eddies of the wind.’ Think of this when you’re reading as it may help you get to grips with the style bit. Have a listen to Ginsberg’s poem at the link below.


4 thoughts on “It might help… (Catch-22)

  1. Thanks for the suggestion Jon , I am struggling with the style and therefore a bit reluctant to read it as I can’t understand heller’s humour yet. Hopefully this will help get me on the wavelength !


    • Stick with it Julie – the LOL for me was the description of Dunbar pg9 when he’s described: ‘Dunbar was working so hard at increasing his lifespan that Yossarian thought he was dead.’ that’s essentially the essence of Catch-22, you are constantly confounded with diametric opposites, paradoxical situations – From the above quote you can get a flavour of what I mean.


      • Yeah I will persevere with it and might “get” his humour eventually.
        Regarding the summer book I am happy to buy it, it’s only £3.85 on Amazon.

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