A tale for the risk averse? Please help!!

Decisions, decisions, decisions – life’s full of decisions – do Harold’s subsequent experiences once he decides to walk affirm his original decision? Do we look for affirmations when we’ve made a decision to get a confirmation that we did the right thing? Is there something inherently cautious in our psyches that troubles us and therefore makes us settle for inaction rather than action? Please help!!


3 thoughts on “A tale for the risk averse? Please help!!

  1. Yes jon, it,s easier to dither and choose inaction as the easy option. I don,t think that Harold was in a position to logically decide on either path, as he was depressed and an alcoholic. He wasted 20 years of his life because of not addressing his past, until spurred into action by the letter.Who knows what his life would have been if he had been cabable of reasoning at the time. He regretted the original inaction and the pilgrimage was inevitable.

    Speaking as a “fence sitter”, I do think we seek affirmation to make us more comfortable with choices. It is much easier to make a decision when forced into it. We can then qualify the action with, “I had no choice”

    A psychologist would say that any decisions are governed by our state of mind and circumstances at the time of making the choice. Therefore, there are no wrong decisions and retrospective regrets are futile.Comforting thought…but easier said than done!


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