A Book of Two Halves

Whilst I enjoyed the book I found that after a very good beginning it hurtled towards the end as if the writer had realised it would take forever to finish it at the pace she began.  I rather suspected the denouement and must admit the story played unashamedly with my emotions. Another book in a similar vein but perhaps rather better written in my view is The Adventures of Goodnight and Loving by Leslie Thomas – well worth a read. Charlotte.

3 thoughts on “A Book of Two Halves

  1. i agree about the walking boots, but the deck shoes are symbolic…a pilgrimage shouldn,t be too easy should it? At least he didn,t don sackcloth and ashes! I,m only halfway through, but enjoying the journey and I like Harold. Yes, Charlotte, emotions tugged…lots of messages here! Thanks for the Leslie Thomas recommend.


  2. Finished it. It made me laugh and cry, after reading chapter 31 I had to go for a walk with the dog I was in such a state.
    Good old Harold! Maybe I’ll walk to Yorkshire one day, not sure about the deck shoes though!


  3. It does seem a slow start – first 100 pages read and it feels like a walking tour of the South Hams – you could be right about the misjudged pace at the start. In Paul Ferris’s book ‘Unnamed’, he goes into the physical hardships of continuous walking – it’s the law of diminishing returns if you’ve not trained – first day 20 miles, 2nd day 18 miles and so on.

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