Compublog – what about her style?

Here’s my compublog for the writing of M Atwood.

Irritating, or often irritating, mostly irritating, use of punctuation, too many stops. I’m not sure, if I was writing, something that is forbidden by the Angels, I would, possibly, prefer not to hesitate quite so much, in fact, it might be a relief to put a string of words together, did I say string? without the constant use of the comma, or full stop. What about the constant qualification – did I say qualification, we used to have qualifications at school, we used to have school, in happier drays, when books could, and should be, written in a way that doesn’t need constant qualification of the subject; let’s not forget the unremitting use of comma, after comma, after comma, I remember a comma once, did i remember it, or was I told it. As you can see, seeing is only permitted, I think, sometimes think, by Angels, I’m going bonkers with Atwood.
Far too nebulous for me.


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