Depressing start

Am about half way through The Handmaid’s Tale and oh that choking and constricting feeling is back…. Will we ever break free? I had to take myself round Dartmoor and to the pub to wash the depression away! Charlotte

2 thoughts on “Depressing start

  1. Yes, Charlotte, another depressing little number! I read most of this book whilst “trapped” by the snow, in a cottage, in Wensleydale…..a good analogy! Having said that,even though the theme is much of the same as the last couple of books, I did quite enjoy it. I do like the diary format and she sets the scene well in the first couple of chapters…cosy, old fashioned ,protected religious environment,hiding the grim truth Lots of references to the similarity with a nunnery!
    Bearing in mind the author,s feminist, political background, you can see how this book came into being. I do think that I should read it again more carefully, but maybe in about 20years time! Looking forward to a bit more cheer next time please!

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