I want to break free

This is what I kept thinking – like the old Queen song ‘I want to break free’ The inevitability of it all frustrated me. I wanted Kathy and Tommy and all the others to have more curiosity about what life was like beyond their tightly knit community and to want to break away. It all seemed so inhuman somehow with no real feeling or commitment, no desire for anything different – perhaps they were programmed this way just as they were made unable to reproduce. All very unsettling but then again that’s what makes a good writer I suppose. Charlotte

2 thoughts on “I want to break free

  1. Finished it! and still a week to go before we meet up.
    I agree with lots of you about wishing they would escape but I think they know it would be pointless, as they probably have no ID etc.
    I think the author has written it in a simple style but cleverly as it left me feeling quite disturbed.
    Sorry Gill for another depressing book, I think I chose that one too!
    Brilliant point about the comparison with animals,my sentiments exactly.


    • Yes Julie….you can tell that i,m a non meateater from this comment..but ,in my defence I,m not evangelical about it and cook meat for husband and chums! I do only use meat when I know where it originates… but this is double standards I know!!


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