What do you think happens to Natalya  – will she suffer because of her connection to Pavel?  Viv

2 thoughts on “Natalya

  1. Yes, I agree that she is tough but who wouldn,t be with her history! i do quite like her…she has a compassionate her treatment of marfa! She does suspect Pavel of subversive behaviour because of his visits to the cellar! Does she ignore this because she fears being implicated if she denounces him….she is house manager!. Possibley,but it seems more likely that she recognises another “lost soul”, as he becomes after the death of his wife. The fairly static, stilted nature of their relationship reflects the unstable times….she doesn,nt seem to be expecting love just comfort. It doesn,t seem to occur to Pavel to be worried about her fate…maybe because their friendship is conducted clandestinely,so hopefully, she will not be judged “guilty by association” and will survive.


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