pg 15 Joe Bell grabs ‘Fred’ as he’s leaving the bar – ‘Do you believe it?’ The narrator can’t remember the Africa story but can remember the image ‘of her riding away on a horse’. The Autumnal scene of the first chapter seems to suggest a passing, as if the light and warmth of Holly presence is passing into Autumn – – suggestion of death, decay. I get the feeling that when the writer uses the technique of flashback to present the past in the present tense, it’s spring and summertime.

NB> In Eng. Lit studies the use of weather to reflect a mood is called pathetic fallacy. Has the author intended this mood of Autumn to suggest decay? – or  seeing I guess with only 100 pages to work with Capote means every word to carry immediate effect. 

‘but now the leaves were yellowed and mostly down.’


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